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Gasper Guarrasi | Chief Executive Officer

Cannabis Advising Partners Gasper Guarrasi is CEO of Frog Environmental, one of the nations largest environmental firms in the area of stormwater pollution prevention and compliance. Frog Environmental services nearly over 1,300 facilities throughout California and other western States. Gasper is also the CEO of Storm Water Systems, the premier storm water filtration equipment company in California. Gasper Guarrasi is the CEO of CAP, a premier full-service licensing and compliance consulting company in the cannabis industry. Under his leadership and vision, all ohe f t companies have grown exponentially in revenue and brand recognition. Hello! I’m Alex Smith. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aenean fermentum ullamcorper sem, at placerat dolor volutpat ac. Duis nulla enim, condimentum nec ultricies.

  • Newport Beach, CA USA
  • Chief Executive Officer Cannabis Advising Partners